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We expect the school to fully re-open on Wednesday September 2nd. If anything changes or we have any updates then we will announce it here and on our Facebook page (

August Challenges

Published on Thursday 9 July 2020 by Mr M Hall.

Hello everyone!

I hope you are enjoying your holidays. Here are a few more challenges to keep you busy!

Stay safe, enjoy the break and keep your brains active.

  • August challenge
    August challenge
  • Cross stitch
    Cross stitch
  • Science Process Pack
    Science Process Pack
  • Sewing stitches
    Sewing stitches
  • Tracing Templates Cut Out
    Tracing Templates Cut Out
  • Weave It Through Craft Activity
    Weave It Through Craft Activity

Home Learning

 Please click the buttons below to find work for the different year groups.

Thank you for all the support you have given your children during this period of Home Learning. We know they deserve their holidays after all their hard work but we also feel it would be beneficial for their education if they could do a few activities throughout the summer, especially given the disruption caused by Covid-19. Please find below a link to some maths booklets your children could complete in preparation for September. Over the summer holidays, they will continue to have access to TTRockstars and Numbots in addition to websites such as BBC Bitesize. Children generally need reminding of things they have been taught after the summer holidays so having all this time off is inevitably going to have an impact. Phonics revision, reading regularly and writing postcards/letters/diary entries would also be beneficial.
Should you have any specific concerns please contact us before Friday 17th July. Thank you.

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